DUI DWI Lawyer


The DUI DWI defense attorneys of DSK|Law represent those charged with traffic offenses in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Falls Church, Prince William, Loudoun, and other jurisdictions in Northern Virginia.

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of Virginia traffic tickets, including felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Because some traffic tickets, like reckless driving, that may not be serious in another state, are punished as crimes in Virginia, speaking with an experienced traffic attorney may help set your mind at ease.

We regularly counsel individuals concerned that a misdemeanor like reckless driving might impact an insurance rate or secuirty clearance. However, as Arlington, Virginia traffic attorneys, we find that the consequences of a reckless driving may not be as serious as it may initially appear.

Virginia DUI DWI – Drunk Driving Laws

It is illegal in Virginia to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or above. The limit is lower for commercial drivers (.04) and drivers under the age of 21 (.02). The Virginia DUI laws also prohibit driving under the influence of controlled substances and prescription drugs that may impair a driver’s ability to drive safely.

First time conviction for drunk driving in Virginia frequently results in a fine, a 1 year license suspension, and a suspended jail sentence conditioned on good behavior for one year and alcohol counseling (ASAP).  If there is a passenger under 17 in the car or an elevated BAC, mandatory minimum jail sentences are possible.

For a second DUI conviction there is a mandatory minimum fine of $500, 3 year license revocation, plus stiffer jail sentences which could reach as high as 1 year in jail.  If the second DUI was within 10 years of the first, there will be a mandatory 10 days in jail. If the DUI was within 5 years of the first there is a mandatory 20 days in jail.

A third conviction for DUI in Virginia is a felony if it occurs within 10 years of the first. There will be an indefinite license revocation, and there is a mandatory minimum $1,000 fine. For a third offense within 5 years of the first offense there is a mandatory minimum of 6 months in jail. For a third offense within 10 years you there is a mandatory minimum 90 days in jail.