Possession of Marijuana

possession of marijuana

Possession of Marijuana

It is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with Possession of Marijuana charges in Virginia.  Possession of Marijuana is a common charge that we routinely handle for clients. Each attorney at DSK|Law is experienced in developing successful defense strategies for Possession of Marijuana charges and will strive to get the best possible result by negotiating an agreement or advocating at trial.

When an individual is charged with Possession of Marijuana, first offense, they are eligible for a 251 disposition which means that the charge will be dismissed after a two year term of probation, completion of a drug education class, 6 month license suspension, and 24 hours of community service. In many jurisdictions including Arlington County and Fairfax County the judge or prosecutor will offer to resolve your case with a 251 disposition at your first hearing before you have an attorney. This may seem like a good way to resolve your case but a 251 disposition but it does not consider possible defenses and it may still cause problems with employment and immigration.

An alternative disposition is to amend the charge to possession of paraphernalia which prevents a marijuana / drug possession conviction from appearing on your record, a mandatory license suspension, and participation in substance abuse counseling. A paraphernalia conviction may also prevent or minimize future employment or immigration problems. The attorneys at DSK|Law explain these options to every client including whether to go to trial.