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DSK|Law is a boutique law firm focused on criminal defense with offices in Arlington and Fairfax, Virginia. We handle all Virginia state crimes and traffic cases and we defend those under federal investigation or charged with federal crimes. DSK|Law also practices in the District of Columbia.


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Criminal Defense

The attorneys at DSK|Law have decades of experience representing clients charged with criminal offenses in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Falls Church, Prince William, and other counties in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Crimes often have substantially greater penalties than those found in the state courts and procedures appear foreign to those who are unfamiliar with federal practice. DSK|Law are regular practitioners in the federal courts, representing clients on charges ranging from traffic offenses to murder. When charged with a federal crime, contact DSK|Law for experienced representation.

Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Marijuana remains a crime in Virginia despite the national movement to decriminalization and legalization. Possession of weights greater than a half-ounce is routinely charged as possession with intent to distribute. Marijuana legally purchased in DC is illegal in Virginia without a valid prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. Prosecutors will offer first offenders an opportunity to have the case dismissed without evaluating whether the police lawfully searched you or your vehicle. Like other drug cases, possession of marijuana can result in incarceration, loss of license and required drug treatment. Speak with the lawyers of DSK|Law before appearing in court for Possession of Marijuana.

Possession of Drugs

The defense of drug possession can be extremely complex and confusing in Virginia. Virginia has its own classification scheme and severity of the offense is often different from Maryland or the District of Columbia. Possession of even lawful medication can result in felony charges without a prescription, no matter the number of pills possessed. A conviction for drug possession can have far reaching consequences including incarceration, loss of license and intensive drug treatment. DSK|Law has been successful in defending clients in possession and prescription fraud cases.


It is illegal drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Virginia. The law presumes you are intoxicated when your blood alcohol level is .08 or greater or if you have specific concentrations of drugs in your system while driving.  DUI/DWI/DUID are amongst the most technical cases to take to trial as a result of the specific procedures law enforcement must follow in investigating these cases. In addition, they can have serious consequences such as a mandatory loss of license, requirement to take drug or alcohol education and the installation of alcohol detecting devices in your car. DSK|Law has decades of experience in defending DUI/DWI/DUID cases in Virginia, DC and the Federal Courts.

Reckless Driving & Speeding

Prosecutors are not required to prove intent in speeding cases and speeding 20MPH over the limit, or over 80MPH no matter what the limit, can be charged as Reckless Driving which is punishable jail and possible loss of your license. Before prepaying a ticket or appearing without an attorney it is important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. DSK|Law has years of experience trying traffic cases and negotiating favorable outcomes.

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